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Have you heard about MyPlate?

 Do you ever wonder what happened to the food pyramid? It received a makeover. The new updated version is called MyPlate and you can learn all about it on chooseMyPlate.gov. This website created by the USDA provides useful information and resources for a fun informational way to learn more about nutrition. The website is created … Continue reading Have you heard about MyPlate?

Eat right at any Age and teach your Kids to do the same

March is National Nutrition Month, Caregiver USA offers homemaker services. This service focuses on nutritional value for clients who cannot prepare meals or cannot go to the grocery store on their own for fresh foods, but it's never too late or too early to think about preparing meals or keeping fresh foods in the home! Whether you want to lose … Continue reading Eat right at any Age and teach your Kids to do the same

What It’s Like to Lose Your Short-Term Memory


Christine Hyung-Oak Lee | Longreads | February 2017 | 18 minutes (4,276 words)

Longreads is proud to feature an exclusive excerpt from Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember: The Stroke That Changed My Life, the forthcoming memoir by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee. Lee’s story was first featured on Longreads in 2014, for her BuzzFeed essay, “I Had a Stroke at 33.”


Short-term memory dominates all tasks—in cooking, for instance: I put the water to boil in a pot on the stove and remember that the water will boil while I chop the onions. I will put the sauté pan on the stove to heat up the oil for the onions, and I will then put the onions, which I will remember I have chopped, into the oil, which I remember I have heated for the onions. I will then add tomatoes. While the onions and tomatoes cook, I…

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What is Cervical Cancer?

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention there are 5 main types of cancer that affect woman's reproductive organs and Cervical is the first. It's important woman and their loved ones stay informed of what Cervical Cancer is, who can get it, what are the symptoms, and prevention/testing. What is Cervical Cancer? Cancer is … Continue reading What is Cervical Cancer?

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